2014-2015  National Dance List.


The Cue sheets in this format are Initiated by Queensland Round Dance Association and Approved by the Australian Round Dance Association

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Cue Sheets for the dances removed from the National Dance List in the last two years also available Removed Cue Sheets

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A Beautiful Time                   TS/Cha        Ph.  III
A Taste of the wind               TS/BB         Ph.  III
A Thousand Years           RB      Ph.  IV+1
     Adeline III                  ST         Ph.  III+2
        After all these years           ST         Ph. IV+1+1
Ascot's Rumba             RB              Ph. III
All Shook Up
                  TS                Ph. II 
Amapola 3                      RB       Ph. III   +I +1
Amigos Para Siempre                   RB      Ph.  IV
 Angels Don't Lie                     RB              Ph. III
        Anna Marie II                      WZ         Ph. II+1+1
Answer Me                      WZ            Ph.  III  +1
Any Dream Foxtrot                FT         Ph.  III  +1
Anything but love                FTB         Ph.  IV+1+1
Apple Blossom Time              FT               Ph.  IV


                    Bali Haí                          RB      Ph.  IV
Berkley Square III             FT/JV       Ph.  III +2
Big Man Jive                  JV         Ph.  III +2
Blue Moon                      RB         Ph.  III +1
Black Horse and Cherry Tree               CH         Ph.  III + 1
Blue Bayou III               RB         Ph.  III
Blue Moon               RB         Ph.  III+1
Boot Scootin' Boogie        JV            Ph. III +1
Bop to the music               TS         Ph.  II
Born Too Late                CHA              Ph.   III
Bossa Nova 96               TS           Ph.  II  +2
Breaking Up Cha               CHA            Ph.  III
Breaking Up Jive             JV            Ph.  IV


California Dreamin'                     RB          Ph.  III +1
Candida Rumba                         RB          Ph.   III+1
Can You feel the Love Tonight   RB             Ph. III +1
Carnival Rumba                           RB               Ph.  V
Carolina Moon                               WZ         Ph.  III +2
Cherokee Two Step                         TS         Ph.   II +2
Citadel Stomp                                       TS            Ph.    II
Close to You Bolero                            BO            Ph.    IV 
Come Dance with Me                   WS            Ph.   V + 1 
Constellation Waltz                             WZ   Ph.    IV  +1
Could I have This Dance            WZ           Ph.  II+0+1


De Ja Vu                                         RB       Ph.   IV
Desert Song                                   WZ         Ph.  IV
Don't be Mean                                FT/JV        Ph. IV


Edilweiss                      WZ                Ph.  II
El Choclo                         TG                 Ph. IV
Except for Monday         TS                   Ph. II


Fascination                         WZ              Ph.  IV
Feelin'                                   WZ          Ph.   II
Fiddlestepper Polka           TS               Ph.  II
  First Flower                             WZ            Ph.    III 
Fireman Two Step               TS      Ph. II  +0 +2
First Foxtrot                           FT              Ph.    III
Fly Me to the Moon III          FT               Ph.  III
Folsum Prison Blues          CHA             Ph.   III
  For Sentimental Reasons        FT        Ph.    V  +1+1


Ginny Come Bolero                 BOL         Ph.   III  +1


     Happily Ever After                      RB                   Ph.  IV
Hey Baby III                                 CHA            Ph. III
HidewayTango                                  CHA            Ph. III+1+1


I Can See Clearly Now             CHA       Ph.  III
I want you back                                 CHA            Ph. III +2+1
I Wanta Quickstep                        QS        Ph.   III  +1
I'll Be The One                                CHA      Ph.   III  +1
I'm gonna sit right down                                 TS            Ph. III
Islands in the Stream                 RB       Ph. III +1


Just Remember the Sunshine        CHA    Ph.  III



Light up my Life          WZ        Ph.  II  +1
Little Cafe Rumba            RB         Ph.   III  +1
Love is a Many Splendid Thing          FT      Ph.   IV
Loves Cha          CHA        Ph.  11I 


Madeleine II                WZ              Ph.  II  +2 +1
Making Memories of Us          WZ       RB     Ph.  lll 
Manhatten Foxtrot                     FT                Ph.  V + I
Manuela                              WZ                Ph.  IV
Manuela  II                     WZ          PH.  II  +0 +1
Maria                                RB/TS          Ph.  III
Maria Elena Bolero III        BOL          Ph.   III  +2
Memories are made of This      FT              Ph.  III
          Memory Rumba                   RB             Ph. III  +2 +1
Midnight in Moscow               TS         Ph.   II  +1 +1
Moon River                       WZ          Ph. II  +1
More than Ever                RB                 Ph.  III
Movin' Quickstep               QS        Ph.  III  +2


      Non Dimenticar                 RB              Ph.  III  +1
Numero Cinco                    TS                      Ph. II


One Moment                              RB        Ph.  III
Oh What a Night                      CH        Ph.  IV +O+1
  On a Star                           CHA             Ph.   III +1


Pop goes the Movies                TS-FT-RB    Ph.  III +2
Primrose Lane                        TS/JV      Ph.  III


Rainbow Connection                   WZ        Ph.  IV
Red Roses                      FT                Ph.  IV
Return to Sorrento              RB               Ph. III
Rooney                      TS                   Ph.  II
Ruby 06                         TS             Ph.  II +1
Runaround Sue                 SS        Ph.  IV + I


Sam II                                      WZ        Ph.  II  +1 +1
Sh Boom                             TS                  Ph.  II
Singing in the Rain                 TS                  Ph.  II
   Skye Boat Song                     WZ           Ph.  II  +0 +1
Smile                                    FT                 Ph.  III
Smooth                          Cha               Ph.  III +2 
Somebody else's Moon          WZ           Ph.  II +1  +0 +1
So Much                             FT            Ph.   III  +2
Something Quickstep        QS             Ph.  IV  +2
Sound of Music                  FT               Ph.  III +1
                          Southern Nights                    CH           Ph.  III                        




Tango for Strings                         TG       Ph.  III  +1
Tango Mannita                             TG         Ph.   III
          Taw Pins                                 WZ               Ph. II  +1
       Tequila II                                     TS                    Ph.   II
       That Jazz                                         TS             Ph.  II  +1
     The Human Thing to Do               FT                    Ph.  V
The Last Tear Bolero                   BOL           Ph. III +2
The Last Waltz                          WZ                  Ph.  II
The Last Waltz of the Evening      WZ              Ph.  II  +2
The Naughty Lady                         TG                  Ph.  IV
Todo                           CH                    Ph.  III  +2
This Can't Be Love III                      FT             Ph.  III
Too many Rivers                    ST           Ph.  IV + 1  +0 +1
          Together                                          WZ           Ph.  II  +2  +2
     Try to Remember                         WZ         Ph.  II  +1 +1


Un Tango del Cuore                    TG           Ph.  III+2 


Venus                            RB                  Ph.  IV


  What the World needs Now                  WZ          Ph.   II  +I
When you walked in the room                    RB           Ph.  III 
While you Danced, Danced,Danced.            WZ            Ph.  IV
   Wish Me a Rainbow                                  WZ          Ph.   IV


You Light up my Life                             WZ        Ph.   IV


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