International Weekend with George and Pam Hurd.

First Weekend.    5th, 6th, and 7th May

When firstly Phylis Armstrong, then QRDA  started asking world class Round Dance teachers to come to Queensland , they  did so with the aim of teaching the teachers how to improve the way they passed on the knowledge and experience to their dancers.( during the first weekend)                           The second weekend was usually to help the dancers attending to advance their dancing ability.

This long weekend ( in Queensland ) the aim of the original organisers was achieved . Leaders from Victoria , A.C.T. & Brisbane, together with members from the Carousal Club #  353 and a few dancers who dance up to Phase VI came together for an enlightening experience.

The Hurds are fun people to be with and their teaching contains that element  of humour. They have travelled the world teaching and their experience was on display  in the way they explained and demonstrated both the dances and the individual movements.

The dances taught over the 3 days and nights were:

My First, My Last, My Everything.  A Ph VI Foxtrot choreographed by Randy & Marie Preskitt.

Man Wanted. a Ph IV +1 Quickstep choreographed by George & Pam Hurd.

Midnight Sun.  Ph V +1 Rumba  choreographed by Brent & Judy Moore.

St. Elmo's Fire. A Ph IV+2 Slow Two Step  choreographed by Karen & Ed Gloodt.

Poco Pelo. A Ph V+2 Cha choreographed by Jack & Judy DeChenne.

Lovey Dovey. A PH IV +2 West Coast Swing choreographed by Wayne & Barbara Blackford.


 Second Weekend.  12th and 13th May.

About 12 couples gathered at the Cavendish Road State High School for the second of the 2 weekends with George and Pam Hurd to again watch these two professionals and learn more about the complexities of Round dancing. It was aimed at Phase 4 and several new dancers were there to experience the standard of dancing that they will endeavour to attain.

A Ph. IV+2 Waltz , Jesse, was the first session for the Saturday and George described it as a workshop on all the moves as well as learning a new dance.

Several Bolero's were taught and it was a new rhythm to some of the dancers. The dances included A Man This Lonely (Ph III+1) Turning basic; and Valentine Bolero (Ph III+1) Cross Body.

Tango was also taught--Hideaway Tango (Ph III+1) Leg Crawl, and Black Tie Tango ,about the same degree of difficulty.

The Best You Can ,a Ph IV +2 Jive , kept every one on their toes as many of the moves were new or variations of moves that were known. Several dancers were only available for one of the two days but still had a great learning experience.

It was a nice floor to dance on and the kitchen facilities were excellent. The catering needs for the weekends were adequately supplied  by several committee members and were appreciated by all the dancers.



Next Years Big  Dancing Event :  BIG DAY OF DANCE   -  September 2013


Next International Weekend. : CURT AND TAMMY WORLOCK -

 September 2014. - includes Boot Camp on Latin Rhythm.


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