A Big loss to Round Dancing.

The Round Dance Community has lost two people that have contributed greatly to the standard of dancing we enjoy today.

Bertha Stallard passed away in January this year after a long illness. She and husband ,John, were the International Leaders in one of the early International Weekends    organised by Phyl and Kev Stewart on the Sunshine Coast in 1995. They made many visits to Australia , John cueing at many big Square Dance Weekend, especially in Newcastle with Brian Hotchkies. They both helped to set the foundations of what we now have every second year in Queensland .

The second leader we have lost recently is Dick Fisher. He died on 5th May this year. Dick and Karen Fisher made 3 visits to Australia, the first in a private capacity related to Dick work in forestry. They held a one day clinic at Compton Gardens before returning home. They returned in 2005 and 2007 for International Weekends.          They loved Australia and had a camping holiday here after their last weekend with us.


QRDA and all dancers who experienced the wisdom and charm of these leaders will miss them. We thanks them the contribution they made to dancing in Queensland.


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