Valentine Rounds


At the May Dance held on May 17th at Cavendish Road High School hall, a presentation was made to Val and Ken Bolton.
Chris Heyworth, the recently elected QRDA President, presented awards on behalf of the Australian Round Dance Association.
The awards where for Val, 15 years of membership of ARDA, and for Ken ,10 years of membership.
The dancers in attendance, about 40, congratulated them both for their achivement. 

We are 13.
Many thanks to everyone for your wonderful support of our clubs Birthday Party Fund Raising Dance on the 15th February. 
We raised $258.00 on the night and this money is being donated to AUTISM AUSTRALIA.
Although it was a very hot and humid night and the hall was packed the dancers seemed to really enjoy themselves as they got into the swing of the evening.
We had representation from 4 different Round Dance clubs.  Members from 2 clubs on the Southside, members from 1 club on the northside, and members from 1 club in South Australia (Terry & Monica) who travelled to Brisbane especially for our dance.
We send our sincere thanks to all those who helped make such a successful night possible through donations of raffle prizes, preparing the supper, preparation of the hall and cleaning up afterwards.
And a special thanks to our daughter & son in law for making the decorations and helping on the night.    
Thank You Everyone
Val & Ken



Dancing Calender.

On Friday 1st FEBRUARY 2015 we re-commenced dancing for the year in the
10 QUEENSPORT ROAD MURRARIE. ( the Hall we moved to in 2010)

DANCE TIMES are below

Fifth Sundays of the Month ( March, June, and November ) PARTY NIGHT  4 till  8pm  -    All levels.


6.30  -  to 8pm. Newer dancers.


6.00 pm - 7pm :Newer Dancers

7pm - 8.00pm : Ph.2 -  IV

 8 pm - 9.30 pm: Advanced- TEACHING PHASE IV & V +

Opening 2015 - Friday 30th January & Sunday 1st Feb.

Valentines Birthday and Fund Raising dance  - 14th Feb. in Murrarie Hall,

7.30 to 10.30 pm.

Contact Ken or Val on 3275 1558 for details :

Bolero Notes from Val and Ken

History and Characteristics:

Bolero was a Spanish dance in three/four timing during the 1700's,but it was danced to two/four music and then to four/four music in Cuba during the 1800's.It became popular in the United States in the 1930's but it was not until the 1990's that it became one of the Round Dance rhythms. Bolero has been called the "Cuban dance of Love" as it is smooth, powerful, and romantic. Bolero is characterised by a closer hold, by the side step that begins most figures, by the rise during the first step, and by one of the slowest tempos in Round Dancing. The rise and fall of Bolero constitute one crucial feature of the rhythm. The rise and fall is in the body not in the feet and ankles.
Dom and Joan Filardo (Round Dance teachers in America) thinking they needed something to help their dancers relate to Bolero steps, came up with the acronym Three "S's" as described below. Sweep, Slip, and Step.
From closed position with lead feet free we will execute the two measures of a Bolero Basic.
Step 1- Sweep -from a lower position with flexed knees we push off with our trailing foot allowing our lead foot to "sweep" across floor staying low until our weight is over the lead foot. We will then rise slowly to full extension without raising any part of the lead foot off the floor. As we rise the trailing foot will come along for the ride and slide toward the lead foot.
Step 2 - Slip -Slip the trail foot slightly back and behind (Lady slightly forward and in front) of the lead foot while lowering on to the trailing foot taking full weight.
Step 3 - step- Staying low with flexed knees, step forward (Ladies back) with the lead foot stepping slightly further than step 2. Stay down until you repeat the basic footwork for the second measure of the basic.
Note: The third step in not a recover step.
If we can master the basic in Bolero we can then incorporate the basic "foot mechanics" in almost all of the Bolero figures.
A comment from a ballroom teacher that I found interesting is to Emphasize "Fast feet/Slow Body" , meaning that during the slow step in Bolero we should get our feet out there but let the body lag behind and slowly flow over the whole two beats.

Ken and Val acknowledge some of this material is from the "Sears" website - other material from Dom and Joan Filardo.

Ken and Val Bolton teach  Bolero along with other rhythms during all their dancing sessions.

If you wish to learn this interesting rhythm , ring Ken or Val on (07) 3275 1558 and find out when the next beginners class is due to commence.

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